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Release Date: 📆 24 Oct 2022


đź’» PC: Steam Early Access

Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Real Time Tactics

Game modes: Single-player, Co Op, Multiplayer PVP

Supported languages: English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Developer: Walternate Realities Location: San Francisco, California, USA Publisher: Walternate Realities

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📧 Contacts: General/Business: [email protected]

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About the Developer

Walternate Realities is an independent game studio founded by award-winning game designer and programmer Walt Destler and located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA.

About the Game

Build the ultimate starship, launch into the great unknown and take out enemy forces in starship building sim Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander.

Cosmoteer is FTL: Faster Than Light meets Prison Architect, which sees players create starships, assemble massive crews and explore multiple star systems to smash enemy ships into pieces.

Cosmoteer features extensive ship creation tools that offers vast scope for what players can create. From half a dozen crew members to a thousand or more, each individual has their own set of tasks to complete.

Fully control how the ship is designed and what the floor plan looks like. From where to put the engines and reactors to how many lasers to place, the ship creator is easy to use and offers plenty of complexity.

Dozens of star systems are waiting to be explored in Cosmoteer’s several modes. The title of most famous “Cosmoteer” is up for grabs in the career mode, which can be played solo or with friends.

Throughout their career, players can accept bounty missions to defeat other ships for rewards. Players can also take their ship piloting and design skills to the test in online PvP modes.

Those who aren’t ready to battle other ships can head into the Creative Mode where players can design cool starships with unlimited resources.

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander landed on PC in Early Access on October 24th 2022. Aspiring Cosmoteers can play the game on Steam now. Check out the detailed roadmap here.

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Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

Early Access Roadmap

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander - Early Access Roadmap - Steam News



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